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Persian Cotton Socks

Persian cotton socks are a type of socks that are traditionally made in Iran, which is historically known as Persia. These socks are known for their high-quality cotton material and craftsmanship.

Persian cotton socks are often hand-knitted or woven using fine cotton yarns. The cotton used in these socks is typically of superior quality, resulting in a soft and comfortable texture. The socks are designed to be breathable and provide good moisture absorption, making them suitable for all seasons.

One notable feature of Persian cotton socks is their intricate patterns and designs. These socks are often embellished with beautiful geometric motifs, floral patterns, or traditional Persian motifs. The designs are typically created using a combination of different colored threads, resulting in visually appealing socks.

Persian Cotton Socks Details:

  • Material: Cotton
  • Cotton socks inspired by Persian art
  • Comes in two sizes, small is suitable for women and large for men

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