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Persian front vase with Tile design

The Persian Front Vase with Tile Design refers to a hypothetical vase featuring a tile design inspired by Persian art and ceramics. Persian tile work, known as “kashi-kari” or “Kashi,” is a traditional form of ceramic art that has been practiced in Iran for centuries.

Persian tiles are typically made of ceramic or glazed clay and are intricately decorated with colorful designs and patterns. These designs often incorporate elements from nature, such as flowers, plants, and animals, as well as geometric motifs and calligraphy. The tiles are carefully arranged to create a cohesive and visually appealing composition. long line Persian front vase inspired by Persian art.

Persian Front Vase with Tile Design Details:

  • Fabric: Maserati Crepe
  • Machine washable, delicate (cold water)
  • Model: Sleeveless
  • Designed by our Artists of Tehran

Waist Size


68 cm


72 cm


76 cm


80 cm

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Weight0.6 kg

Maserati Crepe


36, 38, 40, 42

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