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Persian luxury ceramic tea set

Persian luxury ceramic tea set to achieve the art of design and colors resistant to high heat coating, suitable for use in homes, dining rooms and reception areas. In addition to the possibility of daily use in decoration, this product also has. This product is resistant to the usual conventional situations


  • pattern: Shah abbasi
  • Tray diameter: 30cm
  • Saucer diameter: 15.5cm
  • Suger bowl height: 12cm
  • Cup height: 6cm
  • Technique: Under-glaze painting

Persian tea set

A Persian luxury ceramic tea set is a type of tea set that is traditionally made in Persia (Iran) and is characterized by its intricate designs and high-quality craftsmanship. These sets typically include a teapot, cups, and a serving tray. The designs on the set are typically inspired by traditional Persian art and architecture, such as geometric patterns, floral motifs, and calligraphy. They are often made of high-quality ceramic materials and can be glazed in a variety of colors.

Persian tea culture is an important part of Persian culture and the tea set is a very important item in this culture. The tea set is also commonly used in formal settings, such as at special occasions and celebrations. The luxury ceramic tea set is considered as a symbol of elegance and hospitality. They are often given as gifts and are considered a valuable addition to any collection of fine china or ceramics.

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Weight8 kg

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