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Persian Mugs

    1. Persian Tile
    2. The eye
    3. Musical


Ceramic mugs inspired by Persian art.

    1. Persian Tile
    2. The eye
    3. Musical

The mugs have been glazed in 950 degrees and can be hand washed.


Persian mugs are traditional drinking vessels originating from Iran. They are typically made of metal, such as brass or copper, and feature intricate designs, often incorporating motifs and patterns specific to Persian culture. They are commonly used to serve tea, but can also be used for other hot beverages or as decorative items. Persian mugs are made by skilled artisanal metalworkers, and the metalworking techniques used to create them have been passed down through generations. The design, color, and form of these mugs can vary widely, but they are often characterized by their ornate and decorative style.

Decorative, Dinnerware