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Persis Collection

Persian Incense Holder and Handbell

The incense holder and Handbell are made of ceramic and inspired by Persian art.

  • Decorated with a Sama pattern
  • Patterns might be different from the photos


  • Pomegranate Incense Burner: 10 X 10cm
  • Bird Incense Burner: 20 X 3cm
  • Hand Bell: 5 x 1cm

Holder And Handbell

Sama incense holders and handbells are items that are often used in traditional Persian music and dance. The Sama incense holder is a type of incense burner that is used to hold and burn incense during musical performances or other ceremonies. It is typically made of metal or ceramic and may be decorated with intricate patterns or designs. The handbell, also known as a zang-e haft rang, is a small bell that is used to keep time or to signal the start or end of a musical performance. It is often made of brass or other metal and may have a decorative handle or be adorned with intricate patterns or designs.

Both the Sama incense holder and the handbell are traditionally used in the Sama ceremony, a type of Sufi music and dance ritual that is popular in Iran and other parts of the Middle East. The Sama ceremony is believed to bring participants closer to God through music, prayer, and meditation. The Sama incense holder and handbell are often used as decorative items in homes or as gifts and may be purchased at stores that specialize in Persian or Middle Eastern goods.


A Sama incense holder is a traditional piece of religious or ceremonial equipment used by followers of the Sama tradition. The holder is typically made of metal and is used to hold incense sticks during rituals and ceremonies. The holder may also be decorated with intricate designs and symbols specific to the Sama tradition.

A handbell is a small, handheld bell that is typically rung by hand. Handbells are often used in religious or ceremonial settings, such as in churches or temples. They may also be used in non-religious settings, such as in music performances or as a signaling device.

It is not common to find Sama Incense holder and Hand Bell together, but it could be possible for a tradition that use both during ceremony or ritual.

Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions12 × 12 × 10 cm

Pomegranate, Bird, Hand Bell

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