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A set of a water jar and enamel glass on pottery includes 6 enamel glasses, a water jar, and a tray that is both for personal use and can be used in decoration.

MinaKari (Enameled) on Pottery

If you want to have a nice selection of two different arts at the same time, you can consider MinaKari (enameled) art mixed with pottery to make a lot of different dishes. persist collection online Market offers a variety of artworks to all people who live in different cities and are interested to have a great piece of art in their decorations at home or office.


  • Technique: MinaKari on pottery Embossed glaze
  • Dimensions of sugar cane 11
  • Dimensions of teapot height 10 Length 20 Mouth 1.5
  • Dimensions of heater height 9
  • Dimensions of cup height 5.5
  • Dimensions of Nalbaki diameter 13
  • Dimensions of tray diameter 33 Height 3
  • Dimensions of height cup 9
  • Narrow dimensions of height 36

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Set of Water Jug And Glass MinaKari On Pottery

Minakari is a traditional Persian art of painting and enameling on metal, ceramic, or glass objects. It involves applying colored enamels to a metal surface, then heating it to fuse the enamel to the metal. In the case of a set of water jugs and glasses on pottery, the jugs and glasses are likely decorated with intricate patterns and designs in this style, creating a unique and beautiful setting.

Weight5 kg

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