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Introducing SmartMind: The Fun-filled Educational Game for Persian Kids

Unlock a world of vibrant learning for Persian Kids with the SmartMind Single Piece. Designed specifically for children outside Iran, this game seamlessly bridges the gap between Persian cultural nuances and English linguistic elements.

Broadening Horizons One Play at a Time

From the vibrant world of animals and fruits to the basics of the English language, SmartMind is not just a game; it’s an educational adventure. It not only strengthens memory but also teaches the fascinating interplay between various concepts, ensuring a holistic learning experience.

Game Goals and Objectives

  1. Exploring Animals and Fruits: Dive into the world of nature, recognizing and naming various species.
  2. Bilingual Learning: While the foundation is in Persian, the game also introduces English, setting the stage for bilingual proficiency.
  3. Memory and Association: Challenges within the game bolster memory and help kids draw connections between different concepts and ideas.

Detailed Specifications for Clarity

  • Dimensions: The game comes in a sturdy package measuring 34*24*5 cm, perfect for storage and travel.
  • Weight: Weighing 590 grams, it ensures durability without being cumbersome.

Age-Specific Design

Tailored specifically for children categorized in the ‘child’ bracket, SmartMind is suitable for ages ranging from 18 months to 3 years, providing age-appropriate challenges and learning.

Weight1 kg


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