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The Khatam Clutch Bag

Constructed of the reinforced hard shell clutch with handmade inlaid Khatam Kari decoration. The solid buckle is a dark silver finish. This clutch comes with a protective dust bag and cushioned hard case for storage and it measures 20x12x5cm approximately.

One of the characteristics of the decorative art of Isfahan is its busyness; Which means that the Isfahani artist prefers to decorate the whole surface of the work with paintings and leave no space. The art of “Khatam” responds well to this Iranian interest, and has been able to form various and delicate combinations by combining the smallest geometric motifs, made of wood, metal, and bone.
So if you want to have Iranian fashion in your style, the Khatam clutch bag is a worthy option.
Setting up an “Isfahan” bag is not a difficult task either, with its often golden color, it can be matched with most shoes and clothes.

The Khatam Clutch Bag refers to a clutch purse or handbag that incorporates the art of Khatam into its design. Khatam is a traditional Persian craft that involves the intricate inlay of geometric patterns using various materials such as wood, metal, and bone.

In a Khatam Clutch Bag, you can expect to find the characteristic geometric patterns and designs created through the meticulous arrangement of small pieces of different materials. These materials are often shaped into thin sticks or tiles and assembled to form stunning patterns, which are then applied to the exterior of the clutch.

The Khatam Clutch Bag Details:

  • Size: 20 x 12 x 5cm approximately
  • Cover material: Khatam kari
  • Metal material: Steel
  • Chains Material: Steel
  • Inner material: leather
  • Weight: 650 gr
  • Technique: Khatamkari art
  • Can be used on the shoulder, and has the ability to connect chains
  • Due to limited availability, this is not returnable or exchangeable

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Khatam Art

Khātam is an ancient Persian technique of inlaying. It is a version of marquetry where art forms are made by decorating the surface of wooden articles. with delicate pieces of wood, bone, and metal precisely-cut intricate geometric patterns.

Designing inlaid articles is a highly elaborate process. Inlaid articles in the Safavid era took on a special significance as artists created their precious artworks. Woods used include betel, walnut, cypress, and pine. These works include doors and windows, mirror frames, Quran boxes, inlaid boxes, pen and penholders, lanterns, and shrines.

Weight1 kg
Dimensions20 × 20 × 20 cm

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