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Tulip Shell Earrings

  • Plate Material: Brass Metal
  • Plate Size: 2.5 cm
  • The size of the Plate with the hook is 4.5 cm

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Persian Earrings: An Ode to Timeless Beauty and Grace

Unveil an era of elegance and grandeur with the Tulip Shell Earrings. Representing the zenith of Persian Jewelry, these earrings are more than mere ornaments—they are a tribute to the exquisite artistry and rich history of Persian craftsmanship.

Details that Dazzle

Fashioned from durable brass metal, these Women’s Persian earrings exude both strength and style. The plate, thoughtfully sized at 2.5 cm, exhibits the allure of careful detailing and design. When paired with its hook, the earring attains a graceful length of 4.5 cm, ensuring it sways just right, catching light and admiration alike.

Tulip Shell Earrings Details:

  • Plate Material: Brass Metal
  • Plate Size: 2.5 cm
  • The size of the Plate with the hook is 4.5 cm

Persian Jewelry: The Intersection of Tradition and Trend

Tailor-made for the contemporary woman who cherishes deep-rooted traditions, these Iranian earrings encapsulate the essence of the ancient and the modern. Whether you’re making an appearance at a grand event or elevating your day-to-day ensemble, the Tulip Shell Earrings promise to be an accessory that distinguishes you, echoing tales of Persian allure and refinement.

Dive into the Opulent World of Women’s Persian Earrings

Let the Tulip Shell Earrings be your passport to a world brimming with elegance, stories, and unmatched craftsmanship. Embrace the legacy, the charm, and the aura of Persian Jewelry with each wear.

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