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Persis Collection most iconic Persian & Middle Eastern designs are a celebration of the women who wear them.


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About Us

It all started in Autumn of 2014 during my visit to Iran. Despite my own Persian descent, upon completion of my visit to Iran. I was left intrigued and fascinated by the country, especially the art, constantly evolving to produce the most beautiful designs. Persian art was modern, unique and captivating in a way that I had never seen before. In 2016, I visited Iran again and I was left speechless with the elevation of modern art. For this reason, I decided to re-decorate my own house, in which I decided to incorporate the Western and Eastern culture together to achieve the perfect balance. The feedback that I received from my family and friends was astonishing.

Persis Collection is building a bridge between Western and Eastern culture. A bridge that is going to prompt Persian art into the world. The Persis Collection website is the first step, and ultimately, we desire to have galleries and exhibitions all over the world.  For all to be able to indulge in the beauty which modern Persian artists are curating.

You can discover wide rang of Home decor, Jewellery, Fashion products inspired by Persian & Middle Eastern art.