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Benefits of using a Backpack

Jajim handmade backpack with zipper

An Iranian backpack is one of the Persian accessories that is usually used with sports and semi-sport styles and is usually more popular among students who have to carry books and papers. A backpack makes carrying things much easier than holding them in your hands and helps you to carry more Persian books and notebooks and even laptops and other items you need.

There are different types of backpacks and they are produced in various designs and dimensions. You can choose the color and design you want based on your style. A backpack, like a Persian bag, should be in harmony with other items of your style. Also, backpacks can have designs of Iranian culture and Persian art, and placing these designs on your bag can be very interesting and beautiful. This type of Iranian backpack has many fans today and is well coordinated with other style items.

You can buy a Persian backpack in different colors and different sizes and shapes so that you can match it with different styles. Also, the backpack you want can have more pockets or be simple. You can also choose a large Iranian backpack and move all your things in it, or if you don’t have a lot of things with you, take a small backpack.

Iranian backpack can also be used for traveling. For short trips where you don’t take a lot of clothes with you and only need a few Persian clothes and Footwear, taking a backpack can be a better choice. Also, for going to school or university, an Iranian backpack can be suitable for carrying your books and laptop. In the following, we will scrutiny the history of the production of backpacks and some of the benefits of using them.

Jajim handmade Qashqai backpack

History of backpack use

Iranian backpacks can be used for various people, from professional employees, travelers, and tourists on the road to students, for whom backpacks are used more than any other group. The relatively new type of backpack, which has been around for 44 years, has found many differences compared to its original types.

At first, the students put the books together by tying a band around the books, which could be made of Persian leather or cloth, and closed them so to speak. These clauses continued to be used for years. But this method suddenly fell out of fashion.

In 1938, the first backpack with a zipper, which was very basic, was invented for hiking, camping, and recreational activities. In the years between 1930 and 1960, some students used bags called satchels. These bags were made of cotton and leather and had a strap tied around them, which were used for short trips and school. Some other students put their books in square bags and tied them on their backs with the help of a buckle.

Everything changed when a lightweight nylon backpack was invented, leaving the door open for new backpack design ideas. The arrival of this backpack, which was both new and light, attracted a lot of attention and was well received. John Sport, which is the largest manufacturer of backpacks in the world, has been designing and manufacturing all kinds of backpacks in recent years. The same backpacks that we see today.

In this way, the use of backpacks became more popular and was used all over the world. Since the 1980s, backpacks have become an integral part of a student’s equipment.

Jajim handmade backpack

The benefits of using a backpack

Using an Iranian backpack has many benefits, some of which we will mention in the rest of the article. You should only note that it is better not to use a backpack with formal styles, and also do not put too many things inside it and do not make the bag heavy. Too much backpack weight can hurt your back. You should also adjust the length of the straps of the bag so that it is in the middle of your waist and also put both straps on the shoulder so that it does not press on one side of the shoulder.

A good quality backpack has lots of pockets, so you can easily keep your things organized and know where they are when you need them. A well-organized backpack can make your life much easier. Note that pockets with high-quality zippers keep your things safe.

You can keep smaller items that are easily lost in a large compartment in smaller pockets so you always know where they are. Having a separate compartment as well as a pocket is a good idea to carry various items as well as a laptop. The special compartment for laptops in backpacks usually has facilities to protect the laptop from shocks. If your priority is to carry things regularly, a backpack is the best style you can get.

Carrying things in a backpack is much easier than carrying them in other bags. You are comfortable and have free hands and more able to move. At the same time, your belongings are also kept safe. When you are looking for a bag that can guarantee the security of the things you carry, a backpack is the best solution for you. Although the backpacks are flexible and light, they provide maximum security for the items inside. In addition, some backpacks are waterproof. This means that the backpack fabric can save your belongings from getting wet.

If you carry your belongings in a backpack, you will be able to carry them for a longer period without feeling uncomfortable due to their weight. If you have a quality backpack, you can carry it for a long time without shoulder, neck, or back pain. Most backpacks have a pocket for a water bottle and often for a wallet or phone. Some backpacks even have hidden compartments where you can safely store your money, passport, birth certificate, and other personal belongings.

When using a backpack, you can easily access all your belongings and move much faster. However, combining them with other bag styles is also great. For example, when traveling, you can divide your belongings between a backpack and a suitcase so that you can take more things with you and still carry them comfortably.

Time is precious to all of us. We all know that time is money. If you’re in a hurry, you need to have your hands free and you don’t want to be lugging a suitcase on your back or carrying a shoulder bag that prevents you from moving quickly.

Organized compartments can mean your things are easy to access and also allow you to know exactly where your things are if you need to find them quickly.

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