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Persian Handicrafts

One of the traditions of Ancient Persia is handicrafts, which are preserved in the culture of the nation and passed on from generation to generation. Today handmade products are highly regarded outside Iran as unique art. Popular ways of Iranian handicraft are true masterpieces, and each of them has its own history.

At Persis Collection we bring Persian and Iranian handicrafts to your doorstep anywhere in the world.

ntroduction to Persian Handicrafts

Persian handicrafts, with their intricate designs and historical significance, form an essential part of Persian culture. From the bustling bazaars of Tehran to the remote villages of Iran, these crafts tell a story of a civilization rich in art and history.

Different Types of Persian Handicrafts

Persian handicrafts are diverse, ranging from the world-renowned Persian carpets to the delicate miniature paintings, exquisite metalwork, and vibrant pottery and ceramics. Each piece reflects the skill and creativity of Iranian artisans.

The Art of Persian Carpet Weaving

Persian carpets are symbols of cultural pride and artistry. The history of carpet weaving in Iran dates back to ancient times, and the techniques and patterns passed down through generations are a testament to the country’s rich artistic heritage.

Persian Miniature Paintings

Persian miniature paintings are a unique form of art that showcases the precision and detail of Iranian artists. These paintings often depict scenes from Persian literature and mythology, revealing a world of color and imagination.

Metalwork in Persian Art

Metalwork is another significant aspect of Persian handicrafts, with a history steeped in tradition. Using a variety of techniques and materials, Iranian artisans create intricate pieces that are both functional and beautiful.

Pottery and Ceramics

Persian pottery and ceramics are known for their vibrant colors and intricate designs. These crafts have evolved over the centuries, blending traditional styles with modern artistic expressions.

Influences on Persian Handicrafts

The diverse geographical and cultural landscape of Iran has significantly influenced Persian handicrafts. Each region brings its unique style and technique, contributing to the rich tapestry of Iranian art.

The Global Reach of Persian Handicrafts

Persian handicrafts have gained international recognition, influencing art and design worldwide. The unique aesthetics and craftsmanship of these crafts have captivated audiences globally.

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