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Persian Tiles blanket, cushion and runner

Persian Tiles

Persian Tiles designs are traditional designs that have various types and colors and can be used as a Persian designs on fabric and furniture. In addition to the Persian tile design on the fabric, the tile itself can be used in decoration and interior design and give a beautiful look to different parts of the house.

Iranian carvings are among the most beautiful and pleasant carvings, whose presence gives the house originality and stunning beauty.

The use of these motifs in the home can be formed in different ways, they can be applied to the bedclothes, or the furniture fabric can be chosen from the patterned type and Iranian design, or you can even put them on the Persian cushions and change the face of the house.

In addition to the direct use of tiles, you can print Persian tile designs on fabric and use this fabric on bedding and pillows, Persian rugs, Persian carpets, Persian clothes, scarves, cushions, sofas, curtains, etc. This design can show your interest in Iranian culture and tradition and bring Iranian authenticity and art to your home environment. In this article, we are trying to examine the printing of Persian tile designs on different materials and fabrics, so that if you intend to buy such materials, you will get to know more about its designs.

Persian Tiles blanket, cushion and runner

Persian Tiles blanket, cushion, and runner

Using Persian Tiles design on different devices

As mentioned, Persian tile designs can be printed on various fabrics for various purposes. Traditional tiles have many different designs that you can choose a design and color based on the color of other parts of the house and also your taste and use it in the fabric of the items.

This design and color must be in harmony with other parts of the house so that the proportions of the space do not get confused and the whole environment is the same. If you are interested in traditional decorations and designs, it is better to decorate the entire living room or bedroom with the same style and not part of the modern room.

In the following, we will discuss using these types of fabrics with the Persian tile design in different items.

Bedspread with Persian tile design

Your bedroom can get a new life with these fabrics, you can choose the fabrics depending on the color of the interior decoration of your bedroom, and use fabrics that have an attractive background color and more color details to enhance the effect. The traditional designs that we often see on Persian tiles are more artistic choices.

The simultaneous use of tile designs on pillows and bedspreads can be very beautiful. You can also choose a blanket and pillow with a design and a simple bedspread. The background color of the bedspread can be the same as the pillow and blanket designs to have a more beautiful effect.

Since blue color is one of the dominant colors in Persian tiles, this color will be a very good choice for the bedroom because blue color brings peace and can be a suitable color for blankets and bedspreads.

Bedspread with Persian tile design

Bedspread with Persian tile design

Cushion with Persian Tiles design

Cushions are among the elements that are often found in the corners of the house, so how good is it to use fabrics with Iranian designs for your cushions so that the interior decoration of your home will have an Iranian color and everyone should feel satisfied being in that space?

The cushions you put on the sofas can have designs of Persian tiles to give a traditional look to the space and add to the beauty of your decoration. Also, it is better that the background color of these cushions is in harmony with the sofas.

The most important thing about using Iranian traditional designs is that it is better not to use them in just one item like a cushion and to see works of Iranian traditional art in more parts of the room like carpets and curtains or wall tableaus.

Cushion with Persian tile design

Cushion with Persian tile design

Partition with Persian tile design

These attractive fabrics with their attractive and catchy designs and patterns can even be used as partitions or space separators and can fascinate anyone with their stunning beauty when these fabrics are available in sizes and dimensions. They are used big and become the landmark of your home that attracts the attention of your guests.

Tableau with Persian Tiles design

If you want to have a house with different interior decoration, then you should be a little bold in choosing and also be a little creative, for example, instead of using paintings like everyone else, use a large piece of fabric with a Persian tile design and warm colors in your home and show off your art and creativity to others. These fabrics spread art throughout the interior of your home.

Furniture and curtains with Persian tile designs

Fabrics with Persian tile designs turn the furniture into a luxurious work of art that is present in your living room. This furniture fills your living room with a sense of originality, and its attractive colors can make your living room look more unique.

Curtains are among other influential elements that can be made from fabrics with Iranian patterns and hung on the wall of your house like frames of a valuable work of art.

It is better if you use curtains with Persian tile designs, choose simple sofas in the living room, or vice versa. Because the use of patterned furniture and curtains in an environment makes the space a bit crowded and you take away the permission of the designs from them.

Therefore, use traditional designs in one or two important parts of the space and match the rest of the space with other objects only in terms of color and consider their design simple.

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