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Calligraphy Art Haft Sin Set

  • 6x Small bowls: 10 x 5 cm
  • 1x Large bowl: 24 x 6 cm
  • 1x Mirror
  • Material: ceramic

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Calligraphy Art Haft Sin Set handmade with love and inspired by Persian art.

One of the mirrors to which special attention is paid is the arrangement of the haft sin set . Iranian women have a lot of faith and belief in setting this table, and wherever they are in the world, they have been waiting since March to set the table for the year of delivery.

The Haftsin tablecloth enlivens the atmosphere of the home. It is not an imaginary table and it indicates the beginning of a new year.


  • 6x Small bowls: 10 x 5 cm
  • 1x Large bowl: 24 x 6 cm
  • 1x Mirror
  • Material: ceramic

The plate has been glazed in 950 degrees and can be hand washed. Do not microwave or use in the oven.

Decorative, Dinnerware

Calligraphy Art Haft Sin Set

Haft Sin (also spelled Haft Seen or Haft Sîn) is a traditional table setting used during the Persian New Year (Nowruz) celebration. The name “Haft Sin” means “seven ‘S’s,” and the items on the table typically begin with the letter “S” in Persian. The traditional Haft Sin items include:

Sabzeh: sprouted wheat or barley symbolizing rebirth
Samanu: sweet pudding made from wheat germ, symbolizing affluence
Senjed: dried fruit from the lotus tree, symbolizing love
Seer: garlic, symbolizing health
Sumac: a spice made from ground sumac berries, symbolizing sunrise
Sib: apples, symbolizing beauty and health
Serkeh: vinegar, symbolizing age and patience
Coins : symbolizing wealth and prosperity

It’s a beautiful and traditional way of celebrating the Persian New Year and people like to decorate them with calligraphy art. There are many different styles of calligraphy that can be used to decorate a Haft Sin set. Some common ones include Nasta’liq, which is a cursive script often used for poetry, and Shikasta, which is a more formal script often used for official documents. There are also other calligraphy styles like Ghobogh, Sols, Divani and etc.

Calligraphy has a deep cultural significance in Persian art and literature. It has long been considered a form of self-expression and a way to convey meaning beyond words. The use of calligraphy in the Haft Sin setting serves to enhance the beauty of the table, and also to imbue it with additional symbolic meaning.

It’s common that individuals will use calligraphy to write the name of god, quotes from poetry, or phrases wishing for health, wealth and happiness for the new year on the items that consist the Haft Sin set.

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