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Decorative Love Table Mirror

A Jewel in the Persian Decorative Mirror Collection

The “Decorative Love Table Mirror” is a captivating centerpiece in our Persian Decorative Mirror category. This mirror transcends its functional purpose, evolving into a canvas where love and art intertwine. Each piece features hand-printed designs, celebrating the timeless allure of Persian art.

Decorative Love Table Mirror Details:

  • Mirror Painting
  • The design is printed by hand
  • Mirror height: 35 cm with wooden base
  • Mirror width: 28 cm

Persian Decorative Mirror

Meticulously Crafted for Elegance and Charm

With a height of 35 cm on a sturdy wooden base and a width of 28 cm, this mirror is perfectly sized for both usability and decorative appeal. The handcrafted design infuses a touch of romance and elegance into any space, making it more than just a mirror – it’s a testament to love crafted with the finesse of Persian art.

Key Features:

  • Design: Unique hand-printed designs that symbolize love and beauty.
  • Size: Ideal dimensions (35 cm height x 28 cm width) for various settings.
  • Craftsmanship: Expertly handcrafted, ensuring each Persian Decorative Mirror is a unique masterpiece.
  • Aesthetic: A blend of Persian tradition and romantic elegance.

The Decorative Love Table Mirror is an ideal choice for those who cherish the blend of art, tradition, and romance. It’s not just an item of beauty but a piece of Persian heritage that brings a story of love and craftsmanship into your home. Let this mirror be a daily reflection of elegance and a constant reminder of the exquisite artistry that defines Persian culture.

Weight2 kg


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