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Inspired by the essence of the Achaemenian Period, our Persian Sculpture beautifully captures the Farvahar in 3D detail.

Available in two sizes:

*Size 1: Height – 11 cm, Width – 17 cm

*Size 2: Height – 12 cm, Width – 21 cm

Material: Crafted from Stone Resin

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The Faravahar, a prominent symbol of Iran, is widely worn as a pendant, embraced by Iranians, including Zoroastrians and Kurds, and has evolved into a secular national and cultural emblem.

The Farvahar/faravahar (Persian: فروهر), also referred to as the foruhar/faravahar, stands as one of the most recognizable symbols of Zoroastrianism, an ancient Iranian religion.

Achaemenid Dynasty

The Achaemenid dynasty (Greek: Ἀχαιμενίδαι; Achaimenídai, in Old Persian Hakhāmanišiya; Persian: دودمان هخامنشی‎) holds a significant place in history as the ruling royal house of the Achaemenid Empire from approximately 700 to 330 BC.

Notably, rulers from the Achaemenid dynasty, starting with Cambyses II, who conquered Egypt, were acknowledged by the historian Manetho as pharaohs in the Twenty-seventh Dynasty of Egypt.


Dimensions20 × 20 × 20 cm

17 x 11 cm, 21 x 12 cm

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