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Favahar Mask (Face Mask)

  • Style: Favahar
  • Available in black

In stock

Favahar mask (Face Mask)

Persian hand-burning masks made of a three-layer crepe fabric with various Iranian designs

Face masks are a type of personal protective equipment (PPE) that cover the nose and mouth to help reduce the transmission of respiratory droplets. They are primarily used to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, including respiratory illnesses like COVID-19.

Face masks come in various types and materials, including:

  1. Surgical masks: These are disposable masks commonly used in healthcare settings. They are loose-fitting and provide a barrier to large respiratory droplets and splashes.
  2. N95 respirators: These are a type of tight-fitting, filtering facepiece respirator that can filter out at least 95% of airborne particles. They provide a higher level of filtration and are used by healthcare professionals and in certain industrial settings.
  3. Cloth masks: These are reusable masks made from fabric. They can be homemade or commercially produced and are often made of cotton or a blend of materials. Cloth masks can help reduce the spread of respiratory droplets, but their effectiveness varies depending on the fabric and fit.

Favahar Mask Details:

  • Style: Favahar
  • Available in black

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