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Green Crack Decanter Bottles

  • Handmade decanter glass bottles
  • Height: 36 cm

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Green Crack Decanter Bottles

A green crack decanter bottle is a type of container used for storing and serving wine, spirits, or other beverages. The bottle features a crackled surface design and is colored green. The crackled design is achieved through various methods, such as controlled heating and cooling, acid etching, or the use of special molding techniques, and gives the bottle a unique and interesting appearance. The green color adds a touch of elegance and may complement the color of the beverage being stored. Decanter bottles are typically tall and narrow-necked, with a wide base, which makes them ideal for holding and pouring liquids. Overall, a green crack decanter bottle is a beautiful and functional item that is suitable for storing and serving beverages, as well as for display or as part of a collection.

  • Handmade decanter glass bottles
  • Height: 36 cm
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