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Persis Collection

Haft Sin Dolls

Decorate your sofreh Haft seen with these beautiful fully handmade doll set.

  • The height of the dolls is 22cm
  • All fabrics Fabric of doll clothes: cotton
  • Due to being handmade, the sizes may be slightly different. 
  • The set includes one male and one female doll.

Note: This product is composed of multiple elements, and detachment may occur during delivery. Customers may need to glue parts back if necessary.

Haft Seen Dolls

Haft Sin dolls are figurines that are used as decorative elements in the traditional Haft Sin table setting that is used during the Persian New Year celebration known as Nowruz. Haft Sin dolls are usually made of ceramic or other materials and are often brightly colored and intricately designed. They may depict historical figures, mythological creatures, or everyday people engaged in traditional activities. The dolls are usually placed on the Haft Sin table as decorative elements and may be given as gifts to friends and family.

Haft Sin dolls can vary in size and style, and they may be hand-painted or mass-produced. They may be made to represent a specific cultural or historical theme, or they may be more general in nature. Some Haft Sin dolls are designed to be collectible items and may be sold in sets or individually. Others may be more utilitarian and are intended to be used as decorations on the Haft Sin table. In either case, Haft Sin dolls are an important part of the traditional Haft Sin table setting and are often viewed as symbols of Persian culture and tradition.

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Weight0.9 kg
Dimensions20 × 20 × 20 cm

Haji Firoz, Mr Seke

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