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Handmade Paisley Bracelet Alangoo

  • Material: brass
  • Handmade bracelet made of brass

Out of stock

Handmade Paisley Bracelet Alangoo

Individually hand-cut and Engraved pieces.

A Paisley Bracelet from Alangoo is a type of jewelry offered by Alangoo, an online marketplace specializing in Persian and Middle Eastern-inspired fashion, accessories, and art. Paisley is a distinctive design motif that originated in Persia (modern-day Iran) and became popular worldwide.

Paisley designs are characterized by curved, droplet-shaped figures that resemble teardrops or twisted leaves. These intricate patterns often feature floral or vegetal elements and are known for their elegance and versatility. Paisley motifs are commonly used in textiles, including scarves, clothing, and jewelry.

Alangoo’s Paisley Bracelets are crafted by independent designers and artisans who incorporate the Paisley motif into their unique bracelet designs. These bracelets can be made from various materials, such as metals, gemstones, beads, or even fabric.

Handmade Paisley Bracelet Alangoo Details:

  • Material: brass
  • Handmade bracelet made of brass

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