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Amirza: The Ultimate Word Challenge from Iran

Discover Amirza, a captivating word-building game that ignites the brain and enhances linguistic skills. Originating from the heart of Iran, this game promises endless fun and educational benefits, especially tailored for Persian Kids aiming to familiarize themselves with their native language and culture.

A Deep Dive into the Amirza Experience

At its core, Amirza challenges your linguistic prowess. The goal? Craft a word using a set number of alphabet letters, ensuring it’s tricky enough for your opponent or the opposing team to guess. It’s a test of wit, vocabulary, and strategy, making it not just a game, but also a fantastic learning tool.

What’s Inside the Amirza Treasure Box?

Every Amirza set comes equipped with:

  • 16 Amirza cards that guide your gameplay.
  • 120 alphabet tokens for word creation.
  • 40 coin tokens add a strategic dimension to the game.
  • 1 cloth bag ensuring easy storage and portability.
  • 2 pencils and 2 protectors for noting down words and clues.
  • 50 sheets for jotting down those crucial words and invaluable tips.
  • Plus, a comprehensive manual that delves deep into the game rules, ensuring you’re set for the Amirza challenge from the get-go.

Why Amirza Stands Out

While there are numerous games out there, Amirza distinguishes itself with its rich Iranian heritage. It’s not just about fun; it’s about connecting Persian Kids to their roots, offering them an engaging way to embrace their language and culture.

Perfect for All Ages

Although designed with kids in mind, Amirza’s universal appeal ensures that everyone, from young learners to adults, can enjoy its challenges. Whether you’re introducing your child to their cultural heritage or seeking a fun game night challenge, Amirza is the perfect choice.

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