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This nostalgic clay Persian blue Dizi pot perfect touch to your Persian style decor!

  • The set has been glazed in 950 degrees and can be washed and used in the oven.
  • Dinnerware
  • Size: H 10cm R 9 cm, 0.3 Liter,  1 person pot
  • Handmade in Hamedan.

Looking for a Large Dizi Pot,  CLICK HERE

Abgoosht (Persian: آبگوشت‎ Âbgušt, pronounced [ɒːbˈɡuːʃt]; literally “meat juice”) is an Iranian stew. It is also called dizi (Persian: دیزی‎, pronounced [diːˈziː]), which refers to the traditional stoneware crocks it is served in.


A “Dizi Pot” is a traditional cooking pot used in Persian (Iranian) cuisine. It is typically made of clay and has a conical lid with a small hole in the center and a handle on the side. The dizi pot is used for cooking stews, soups, and rice dishes, and the lid and hole allow steam to escape while cooking. The pot is heated directly on a stove or hot plate, and the food is served directly from the pot, often along with the broth. The dizi pot is considered a cultural and traditional item in Persian cuisine, and its unique design and practical use in cooking have made it popular among many generations.

Weight2.5 kg
Dimensions40 × 15 × 15 cm

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