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Persian Cat Winter Set

  • Material: Baft and soft velvet fabric

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Persian Cat Winter Set

set of Persian cat hats, scarf, and wrist glow inspired by Persian miniature art. Made of Baft and soft velvet fabric.

A winter set typically refers to a collection or ensemble of clothing and accessories specifically designed for the winter season. A winter set is aimed at keeping the wearer warm, comfortable, and protected from cold temperatures, wind, and precipitation. The specific components of a winter set can vary depending on personal preferences, regional climate, and the intended activities during the winter season. Here are some common items that are often included in a winter set:

  1. Coat or Jacket: A heavy, insulated coat or jacket is a staple of a winter set. It is designed to provide warmth and protection against the cold weather. Winter coats can be made from various materials such as wool, down, or synthetic fabrics with insulation.
  2. Hat or Beanie: A warm hat or beanie is essential for protecting the head and ears from the cold. These are often made from materials like wool or fleece and come in various styles and designs.
  3. Scarf or Neck Warmer: A scarf or neck warmer is used to protect the neck and face from the cold. It can be made of materials like wool, cashmere, or synthetic fabrics and is available in different lengths and patterns.

Persian Cat Winter Set Details:

  • Material: Baft and soft velvet fabric

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