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Persian Copper Stew Pot

The copper stew plate is a product of Zanjan handicrafts, which is noteworthy these days for those who want to make their food look better.
This plate gives a special effect to your food with its unique design. This plate is made of copper and was designed and made by Zanjani artists. This dish is hammered and it is made of white tin to consume all kinds of food. The back of the plate is copper-colored to preserve the beauty of the copper color.


  • Diameter: 24 cm
  • Height: 6
  • Completely consumable
  • Inner tin coating, outer nano-coating with a killer coating
  • Hammering model
  • Handles are made of brass metal

Copper Stew Pot

A Persian copper stew pot, also known as a dizi or dizi-yeh tahdig, is a traditional cooking pot used in Iranian cuisine. These pots are typically made from copper and have a conical shape with a flat bottom. They are used to make a dish called tahdig, which is a crispy rice dish that forms at the bottom of the pot during cooking. The pot also has a lid and a handle. The stew is traditionally cooked over a low heat for several hours, and the result is a crispy layer of rice at the bottom of the pot, and a stew on top. The stew pot is also used to make other types of dishes such as Abgoosht (a traditional Persian stew made from lamb, chickpeas, potatoes, and tomatoes) .

Weight2 kg

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