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Lustrous Elegance: Kerman’s Turquoise Stone

Mesmerizing Shades of Persia

The Persian Turquoise Stone, Code N70, is an embodiment of the Iranian soul and craftsmanship. Every ounce of its 437 grams reflects the majesty of Persian art and history. Sourced from the historic city of Babak, Kerman, this Persian stone is a testament to the beauty that nature and culture collectively offer.

Persian Turquoise Stone Details:

  • Persian Gemstone
  • Stone Weight (without base): 437 g
  • The Length of the Stone: is 10 cm
  • Base Dimensions: Length 16.5 cm, Width 5.5 cm
  • The original stone of the Kerman’s Turquoise in Iran

Kerman’s Distinctive Luster

When it comes to turquoise, Kerman turquoise stands out, setting benchmarks for others. Thicker than its Neishabur counterpart, this Iranian stone often showcases tiny stone fragments behind the luminous gem, making it a unique specimen. But what truly differentiates it is its unparalleled luster and the spectrum of rare and captivating colors it dons.

Not Just a Stone, But a Story

Owning the Persian Turquoise Stone, Code N70 is akin to holding a fragment of Persian heritage in one’s hand. Its mesmerizing hues and lustrous finish aren’t merely visual delights but narrate tales of the land it hails from, the artisans who crafted it, and the legacy it embodies.

Weight2 kg


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