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Women’s Cotton T Shirt Ghalamkar


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In this Women’s Cotton T-Shirt Ghalamkar , artist Nasim Mahiman  has printed an patterns on a linen fabric with a wooden stamp on the clothes.

Ghalamkar printing is a type of printing on fabric. In this way, they make molds using wood and engrave various designs on it, and use it to print the desired design on the fabric. This type of printing is a kind of traditional printing.



  • Fabric: 100% cotton
  • 100% handmade
  • Washable: Hand wash with detergent Gentle
  • Color stability: 100% guarantee
  • Suitable for ladies
  • Free Size from 36 to 44
  • Free Style
  • Technique: Ghalamkar
  • Artist : Nasim Mahiman

Steps of Ghalamkar work:

1- Staying in water for five days
2- Hitting a rock
3- Drying in the sun
4- Painting with pomegranate skin
5- Molding
6- Fixing the color
7- Whitening
8- Drying
9- Spraying fabrics
10- Steaming
11- Ironing

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