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Pomegranate design scarf

Cotton scarf inspired by Persian art. This amazing scarf is made of high-quality yarn and is made by our craftsman based in Tehran.

In digital printing, the color penetrates the fabric at high temperatures and the color is 100% fixed. It is designed from Iranian motifs and colors and combined with Iranian calligraphy. Hand washable.

The “Pomegranate Garden Scarf” is likely a scarf design that incorporates motifs and elements inspired by pomegranate trees and gardens. Pomegranates are fruit-bearing trees with vibrant red fruits that are often associated with beauty, abundance, and fertility. In various cultures, pomegranates symbolize prosperity, wisdom, and good fortune.

A scarf named “Pomegranate Garden” might feature intricate patterns of pomegranate fruits, blossoms, leaves, or branches. These motifs could be depicted in different colors and styles, capturing the essence of a lush and vibrant garden filled with pomegranate trees.

The scarf may draw inspiration from the aesthetic beauty of pomegranate gardens and incorporate details such as delicate lines, rich colors, or stylized representations of the fruit and its surroundings.

Pomegranate Garden Scarf Details:

  • Dimensions: 180 x 70cm
  • Material: Cotton
  • Multi-Season fabric
  • Main color: White, Red
  • Hand sewing finishes
  • Style: Persian Scarfs

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Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions30 × 20 × 5 cm

High quality cotton


Iranian classic

Printing technique


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