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Red Baluchi Mask (Face Mask)

Baluchi handmade masks for use on the face. Sewing a combination of cream embroidery and Delkash Pilvar (eight large flowers) Lovely sewing inspired by the nature of Sistan-Baluchestan-Iranshahr.

The term “Red Baluchi mask” likely refers to a face mask associated with the Baloch people, an ethnic group primarily residing in the Balochistan region, which spans parts of Iran, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. However, I couldn’t find specific information about a “Red Baluchi mask” in my training data up until September 2021.

The Baloch people have a distinct culture and are known for their vibrant traditional attire and handicrafts. Their traditional clothing often includes colorful embroidery and intricate patterns. It’s possible that a “Red Baluchi mask” could be a face mask featuring designs inspired by Baloch traditional motifs or incorporating the use of red color prominently.

If you are specifically looking for a “Red Baluchi mask,” I recommend checking with retailers specializing in ethnic or cultural products, as well as exploring online marketplaces that offer handmade or traditional items. Additionally, you may find artisans or crafters who create customized or authentic Baloch-inspired face masks.

Red Baluchi Mask Details:

  • Style: Baluchi
  • Inspired by Baluchi art
  • Available in red or blue
  • Adjustable straps
  • Yarn material: Linen fabric

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