Red Rose Haft-seen Set

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Red Rose Haft-seen Set

7sin Set inspired by Persian design, handmade ceramic bowls and mirror set.

The meaning and concept of red roses

Red rose means joyful love, passion in love, affection and heartfelt affection. Among all the colors of roses, no color like red roses can express the concept of fiery love and affection. Red rose expresses other beautiful concepts such as forgiveness, beauty, deep feelings, pure love and affection


set of 6 small and 1 large square bowls and a mirror, these bowls and mirror are decorated with red rose pattern.

6x Small bowls

1x Large bowl

1x Mirror

Material: ceramic

The plate has been glazed in 950 degrees and can be hand washed. Do not microwave or use in the oven.

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Weight2 kg
Dimensions30 × 30 × 30 cm