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Persis Collection

The Splendid Soleimani Agate

Soleimani’s Majestic Legacy

Discover the magnificence of Persian artistry with the Soleimani Agate Stone, Code A54. Weighing an impressive 200 grams and standing tall at 11 centimeters, this Iranian stone emanates a sense of regal beauty combined with timeless charm.

Soleimani Agate Stone Details:

  • Persian Gemstone
  • Stone Weight (without base): 200 g
  • The Length of the Stone: is 11 cm
  • Base Dimensions: Length 16.5 cm, Width 5.5 cm
  • The original stone of the South Khorasan region in Iran

Crafted by Nature, Refined by Craftsmen

Sourced from the prolific Khorasan mines of Iran, this Persian stone boasts an untouched and organic allure. Each Soleimani agate stone, with its unique colors, tells a tale of nature’s wonders. To preserve this pristine essence, only the most skilled and seasoned cutters are entrusted with these gems, ensuring their ethereal beauty shines through in every cut and facet.

A Tapestry of Shapes

The Soleimani Agate Stone isn’t just about colors—it’s about forms. With myriad shapes ranging from geometric to intricate branch patterns, it’s a captivating visual journey that beckons to be explored and admired.

Weight2 kg
Dimensions30 × 30 × 10 cm

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