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Persis Collection

The Heritage Cap Blue

White 100% Cotton cap. The Persis cap is embroidered by hand for a secure and perfect fit and a curved brim to shade your face from the sun.

“The Heritage Cap Blue” could refer to a specific style or product name for a blue-colored heritage cap. While there are numerous heritage cap brands and styles available in the market, without specific details or a particular brand name, it’s challenging to provide precise information about a specific product.

Heritage caps, as mentioned earlier, generally have a vintage or retro-inspired design and are often associated with a sense of tradition or cultural significance. They usually feature a curved brim and a structured crown, and they may incorporate elements such as embroidered logos, patches, or intricate detailing.

The color blue, in this case, refers to the cap being predominantly blue in color. Blue is a versatile color that can have different shades and connotations. It can evoke feelings of calmness, stability, or represent loyalty and trustworthiness.

The Heritage Cap Blue Details:

  • The design is inspired by the flag colors
  • The design includes the Persian kingdom symbol, the Persian cheetah, and personal touches by Persis Collection
  • Size: adjustable

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