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Tiger Keyring

  • Material: Namad
  • H: 10cm

Out of stock

Tiger Keyring

This beautiful tiger keyring is handmade by kids with hemophilia. The animal sign of the year 1401 is a tiger,

  • Material: Namad
  • H: 10cm

A Tiger keyring is a small decorative item that is shaped like a tiger and is used to hold keys. It is typically made of materials such as metal, plastic, or resin and can come in a variety of designs, colors and sizes.

In some cultures, the tiger is considered to be a powerful and auspicious symbol of strength, courage, and protection. Keychains and keyrings that feature a tiger design may reflect these symbolic meanings and can be used as a decorative item or talisman to bring good luck and protection.

It’s worth noting that, Tiger Keyring is not limited to a specific culture and it is popular among people who like the animal, it could be a good gift for them and it could be used to carry keys, in purses or bags.