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All kinds of traditional Iranian women’s clothing models

Persian Green Square Ghalamkar Vest

Most Iranians wear similar clothes, but there are some indigenous people who wear traditional Iranian clothes.  Among them, women’s clothing has a special effect.  This dress is taken from the customs of each region.  Iran is also one of the countries where a unique culture can be seen anywhere.

Kordi local clothes Traditional Iranian clothes

Kurds are warm-hearted and hospitable people, and if you travel to a Kurdish city, you will enjoy hosting these tribes.  One of the traditional clothes of Iran is Kurdish clothes, which are widely varied because they are scattered in different regions.

But in terms of full body coverage, they are similar.  Kurdish men’s clothing is full of joy and energy.  They wear loose trousers called “patul” and a wide scarf around their waist, as well as torsos called “chukheh” and “malki”.  Kurdish men alsowrap a cloth around their heads or sometimes wear a hat called a pitchfork.  One of the features of Kurdish clothes is that they wear traditional colored clothes. Other features of Kurdish clothes include Kurdish women’s clothes.  They wear loose silk trousers called “jafi” and a scarf around their waist.  The name of the Kurdish women’s scarf is “Kalkeh” and their hat is “Klav”.  Kurdish women hang  persian gold and persian jewelry on their clothes as ornaments and wear comfortable shoes, which are called “klash”.

Persian art-persian dress-persis collection

Azeri local clothes

Azerbaijan has been the cradle of culture and art since ancient times.  The provinces of Azerbaijan host many tourists every year and are famous for their hospitality and good weather.  Clothing in Azeri culture is a symbol of culture and persian art.

And Azeri dance is performed with special Azeri clothes.  Today, local Traditional Iranian clothes can be seen in villages and nomads.  The traditional clothes of Azeri women are very happy and they wear cashmere and silk clothes with special embroidery.  They wear a hat called a “burk” and older women wear a scarf called a “yailiq”.  Azeri men also wear long coats and woolen hats.

Bakhtiari local clothes

The Bakhtiaris are a genuine Iranian people who wear traditional clothing in urban areas.  They are proud to wear old clothes.  One of the most famous local Traditional Iranian clothes is the Bakhtiari dress.  Bakhtiari men wear a felt and black hat that is round in shape.  The men of this land are woven from goat hair called “Chogha“.  Their pants are loose and black, which they call “debit”.  Bakhtiari women also wear “elastic” and wear long scarves called “enamel”.

They wear a long-sleeved shirt and a velvet hem that uses 8 to 10 meters of fabric.  They also wear armbands that are decorated with colored beads, and are mostly used at weddings.  Older Bakhtiari women wear dark clothes out of respect for their age.

Women's dress with Eslimi floral design

Women’s dress with Eslimi floral design

Turkmen local dress

Turkmens are of Middle Turkic descent, and most tourists travel to the Turkmen region because of their hospitality and warmth.  One of the local costumes of the Iranians is the costume of the Turkmen, which is made of silk, linen and cotton.  Turkmen men wear a “tunic” or “long robe” called a “don” and wear a shawl over the don.

They sometimes wear a coat-like garment called a “chakman.”  Turkmen men’s collarless long-sleeved shirt is called “Konik“, and they also have two types of hats called “Borik” and “Tlepak”.  “Borik” is decorated with embroidered needles and “Talpak” is a leather hat.  Turkmen women also wear clothes in happy colors that are very beautiful.  They are wearing a red shirt called a “red cone”.  Turkmen women often wear plain and long dresses with trousers with embroidered sleeves and collars.  Women, like men, sweat on their heads, and the difference between men and women is that women adorn themselves with ornaments.

Balochi local dress

Baluchis are hardworking and noble people of Iran who have a different culture.  Baluchi men wear a loose shirt called “Jamg” and trousers called “Pajamg”, they cover their heads with a turban-shaped cloth called “Pak” or “Masr”.

Baluchi women wear clothes with happy and different colors that show their taste, spirit and artistry, they also wear a fabric called “serig” on their heads and hang all kinds of jewelry and sequins on their clothes that make the eyes beautiful.  Is friendly.

Lori’s local costume

The Lor people are one of the most important Iranian tribes who have a special culture and customs.  Most people are also interested in getting acquainted with Lori’s clothes, which are one of the traditional.  Lor men wear brown and gray clothes that are very simple and low design.

They wear loose-fitting coats and vests that are very comfortable and wear felt hats without fringe.  They also wear handmade and local shoes, which are called “giweh”.  “Chogha” is a type of men’s top coat made of fleece and woven by women.  The local clothes of Lorestan women are such that they completely cover their heads and necks.  Like other women, they wear brightly colored clothes.  Older women also use darker colors and wear white and black headbands with a simple design.

Qashqai local clothes

The Qashqai tribe is one of the great Turkic-speaking tribes of Iran.  The people of this tribe are very fond of Khan and respect him very much.  One of the most famous traditional clothes of Iran is Qashqai dress.

Qashqai men wear round hats made of sheep wool and hair.  Qashqai women also wear multi-layered pleated skirts with tunics that slit on both sides, and long scarves that are fastened with buttons under the chin.  They wear a headband called “Yaghlaq” around their heads.  Qashqai women never cover their faces, and most of them sew the clothes they buy from the city and wear handmade shoes.  Before the revolution, they wore tents like urban dwellers

Gilaki local clothes

The Gilakis are one of the warm-hearted people of Iran, and for this reason, many tourists travel to this region with a pleasant climate and greenery every year.

The traditional costume of the Gilakis is one of the traditional costumes of Iran, which is 4,000 years old.  Gilaki men wear clothes in happy colors.  They wear a belt made of cotton.  Gilaki men wear cylindrical hats, which are common among them.  Women also wear long skirts that are up to the ground.  The design of these skirts is striped, each of which has a special color.  They wear this long skirt with a colorful vest and white and tassel scarves, and use a “mandil” scarf, which is decorated with a large number of coins.

Persian women's dress with Kilim design

Persian women’s dress with Kilim design

Khorasani local clothes

Khorasan is one of the religious regions.  For this reason, the people of this region have Islamic clothing.  The cover of the Kurdish Khorasanians is the same as the other Kurdish people of the country.  They mostly use happy colors that bring peace of mind.  Khorasan men wear baggy pants with long shirts and a turban.

Women in the area, like men, wear long shirts and cover their entire heads with scarves or shawls.  Their socks are made of fleece and have short legs.

Khuzestani local clothes

The people of Khuzestan have special beliefs and customs.  They have different coatings due to the oppressive heat.  Khuzestan clothing is one of the traditional clothes of Iran.  Khuzestani men wear long white clothes called “dashdasheh“.

There are different types of polka dots with and without collars.  Khuzestani men wear cotton clothes called “Khachieh” on Dashdasheh.  To protect their heads and necks, they put a long cloth called “chafieh” on their heads.  Which are white, green and black.  They use a thick and woven cotton loop to hold it.  The women of Khuzestan are Islamic. They wear a loose black chador with two sleeveless cuts on the sides that do not separate from the body when the wind blows.  Khuzestan women also wear a large scarf called “shila” which is very thin and silky like covering the head and chest.  To anchor the shell on the head, they use a chalab, which is a gold or silver clip.  Middle-aged women also wear a black cloth around their heads.  And the shell is placed under the crotch and above the head.  They rub flowers on canes during mourning ceremonies.

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