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About Iranian candlestick mirror


Persian mirrors and candlesticks are usually one of the most important elements of the wedding table and also one of the decorative objects that can be seen in many homes. This type of decorative object is produced in different colors and sizes, as well as in different materials, you can choose a model based on the budget and the type of environment in which the mirror and Persian candlestick are to be placed.Persian mirrors and candlesticks are placed on the wedding table as a symbol for the beginning of a young couple’s life together, and along with other symbols on the table, they are part of the Iranian people’s culture about marriage. The bride and groom then bring their mirror and candlesticks home and place them in a corner of the house as Persian decoration.

In addition, Persian mirrors and candlesticks can be purchased separately from the wedding table and only for decoration or ordinary use at home. persian Mirrors can be used to make up and look at themselves, as well as candlesticks to place candles and light them and create a pleasant feeling at home. The type of decor can also be very small or slightly large and can be placed anywhere in the house. You can choose the material, color, and design of the mirror and candlestick based on the color of your living room layout. In this article, we try to introduce mirrors and candlesticks and their types.



Types of Persian mirrors and candlesticks

As mentioned, Persian mirrors and candlesticks today have a wide variety of designs and colors and can be purchased in different sizes and designs in the market. In the following, we will get acquainted with several types of different models.

Etching mirror and candlesticks

This model of mirrors and candlesticks is one of the most traditional arts of Iran. To produce them, Persian brass alloy is used and decorated with Persian handicraft of etching and designed with silver plating. Mirror and candlestick etching have different styles, the most famous of which is the Isfahan style. Etching in the literal sense comes from decorating and carving patterns on metal objects, especially copper, Persian gold, Persian silver, and brass. In simpler language, creating a line and a pattern through a stylus with a hammer on metal objects is called engraving.

Iranian candlestick mirror

Brass mirror and candlesticks

Brass metal is used to make Persian mirrors and candlesticks with silver designs. Brass is one of the most widely used alloys that are strong and have high corrosion resistance. As we said, this type of mirror and candlestick is made of brass alloy because brass alloy, in addition to its quality, can be plated in your desired color. Brass metal is an alloy of zinc and copper. By changing the ratio of copper and zinc mixture, its hardness and softness can be changed. The higher the amount of zinc, the stronger the rice, but the less ductile it will be.



Bronze mirror and candlesticks

Bronze metal is used to produce mirrors and candlesticks due to its hardness and strength. The color of bronze is red, but due to its special chemical properties, it can be plated and made to your desired color. Bronze is one of the most famous copper alloys that have different combinations and types. Real bronze is a combination of approximately 90% copper and 10% tin, but in many cases, the percentage of metallic compounds may vary.

Enamel mirror and candlesticks

Another type of Persian mirror and candlestick is its enamel type. persian minakari is a traditional art that has a history of about five thousand years and is considered a handicraft. This Persian art is used to produce mirrors and candlesticks in various designs and models. Enameling is an art made of fire, Persian clay, and paint, which dates back to about 1500 BC and is used to decorate various ornaments and Persian dishes.

Alloy mirror and candlesticks

This model is called a metal or alloy Persian mirror and candlesticks, and as its name suggests, it is made of alloy and does not have much quality, after a while, it loses its color and turns black, but due to its price, its quality is suitable.

Crystal mirror and candlesticks

Crystal mirrors and candlesticks are generally composed of two parts, metal, and crystal, and the crystal part makes them more beautiful and decorative. The crystals can be hung or used in the structure of mirrors and candlesticks. You can create a pleasant atmosphere by placing this set on the console, dressing table, sideboard, etc. Crystal mirrors and candlesticks are also very heavy and fragile, and you have to spend a lot of money to buy them.



Tips for buying mirrors and candlesticks

If you are also planning to buy a Persian mirror and candlesticks right now, it is better to pay attention to the following points to buy it. In-home decoration, the best place to put a mirror and candlesticks is in front of your front door. When buying mirrors and candlesticks, think about where you can place them. Many people make the most of their mirrors and candlesticks by buying a console for the front door or hallway of their home. Some people put their mirrors and candlesticks on the toilet table in the bedroom or put them in the sideboard display case. Some people just use their candlesticks on the dining table and put the mirror in the cupboard, which of course depends on each person’s taste.You can buy a console table made of the same material as a mirror and candlesticks and place them on it to make your home decoration more stylish. Foreign mirrors and candlesticks have a higher price and are not different from domestic products in terms of material and quality.

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