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Persian Cucumber

Iranian Cucumber

Cucumbers come in different types, and Iranian cucumbers are among the most delicious and famous cultivated all over the world today. They are also among the most popular vegetables cropped in temperate and tropical environments, and this product is in fourth place in the list of different vegetable cultivation. But what is Iranian cucumber? How is it different from other cucumbers, and why is it so popular?

In this article, we want to share with you information about Persian cucumberand their benefits and cultivation. We also want to discuss the difference between Iranian cucumber and English cucumber. So, if you want to know more about these delicious Iranian vegetables, please stay tuned until the end of this article.


What Is Iranian Cucumber?

Cucumbers come in many varieties, including Persian, Japanese, British, Kirby, Lemon, Armenian, and … Are. Iranian cucumbers can be considered the best and most popular type of cucumber in the world. They are cylindrical and squatting and have very thin skin. The thin and smooth skin of Iranian cucumbers makes them easy to consume with or without skin.

As its name suggests, Iranian cucumber cultivation originated in Iran. Today, this cucumber is cultivated in many countries due to its delicious taste. Iranian cucumbers are about 6 inches in size and almost seedless. They are typically green and somewhat dark in colour. The crisp and fresh taste of Iranian cucumbers is so special and lovely that you should definitely try them. This type of cucumber also has less bitterness than other varieties.

Iranian Cucumber

Benefits of Iranian Cucumber

Now that we are familiar with Persian cucumbers and their taste and shape, it is better to look at the benefits and benefits of this type of cucumber for the health of the body. Some of the most important benefits of Iranian cucumber for health are as follows:

  1. About 95% of Iranian cucumbers are water, and therefore, they can be a very good option for hydration. It may be interesting to know that eating an Iranian cucumber after exercise is even better and more beneficial than drinking a glass of water.
  2. Persian cucumber has very few calories and also lacks fat, so if you want to lose weight.
  3. Iranian cucumber is a useful vegetable for diabetics. Its substances increase insulin production in the body, reducing sugar production in diabetic patients.
  4. Iranian cucumber, due to its high fibre and water, helps to regulate bowel movements in the body and thus relieves constipation.
  5. Definitely, nothing like bad breath can be annoying. Iranian cucumber consumption, due to the liquid in the cucumber and also the production of saliva caused by chewing cucumber, can eliminate body odour and purify the mouth.
  6. Persian cucumbers can be miracles for your skin and hair. Their fibre and water content improve body hydration. In addition, you can apply them to your eyes to reduce your morning puffiness or use them as a face mask.
  7. According to research, cucumber contains a high amount of pineorzinol, larisirinol and secoisolariserzinol which reduces the risk of cancer.
  8. Persian cucumber is one of the best kidney cleansers. Eating it will wash the kidneys and bladder. Consuming these vegetables also helps regulate the amount of uric acid in the body.



Cultivation and Cultivation of Iranian Cucumber

Cultivating cucumbers in the cold can cause damage and deterioration of this crop, so the average soil temperature should be about 70 degrees Fahrenheit when germinating this crop.

The time to pick cucumbers from the ground is when the cucumber reaches 4 to 6 inches in length. If it takes longer to grow and its size gets bigger, it may cause seeds in the cucumber that cause bitter taste. In this case, the skin of the cucumber may also become thicker. It is best to do this with a knife or scissors when picking a cucumber so that there is no harm in the cucumber bush.

The difference between Iranian cucumber and English cucumber

Iranian cucumbers and English cucumbers are very similar and are generally considered to be a type of cucumber. However, these two types of cucumber have very few differences, which makes the Iranian cucumber unique.

British cucumbers are about twice as high as Iranian cucumbers.

On average, English cucumbers are 12 inches long, while Iranian cucumbers are 6 inches long. These two types of cucumbers have smooth skin and dark green colour, but English cucumbers are slightly thinner than Iranian cucumbers but have more seeds.

Iranian and English cucumbers can be eaten with or without skin due to the narc skin and their crisp and soft taste, while other cucumbers, including American cucumbers, have a much thicker skin and should be peeled when served raw.

If you’re buying Iranian or British cucumbers from a grocery store, you should know that Iranian cucumbers are typically sold in packages of 5 or 6, while English cucumbers are available in individual grocery stores.

Iranian Cucumber Chooses to Snack and Salad

In this article, we reviewed Iranian cucumbers and their features and benefits from the Persis collection and compared Iranian cucumbers with English cucumbers. Now we know that Iranian cucumber, due to its thin skin, lack of seeds and unique taste, can be a good choice for your salad or snack throughout the day. So please don’t forget to eat delicious and delicious Iranian cucumbers for your health and your body.

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