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Camera Strap, Persian Calligraphy

$24.15 (Available on back-order)
  • Stylish camera strap inspired by Persian art
  • Suited for all SLR, DSLR, and Mirrorless cameras

Available on backorder


Camera Strap, Persian Calligraphy

spruce up your camera with this edgy strap

This neoprene strap is made with quick-release buckles that are tested to hold approx 12 kg

A camera strap is a strap or belt that is attached to a camera to provide support and secure it while it is being carried or used. It helps distribute the weight of the camera and reduces strain on the photographer’s neck or shoulders. Camera straps come in various materials, lengths, and designs to suit different preferences and camera types.

Persian calligraphy refers to the artistic writing of the Persian script, which is the writing system used for the Persian language. Persian calligraphy is known for its intricate and beautiful designs, with the script often being highly stylized and decorative.

A camera strap with Persian calligraphy would feature Persian calligraphic designs, patterns, or quotes on the strap itself. These designs could be created by skilled calligraphers who specialize in Persian calligraphy or through digital printing techniques. The calligraphy could depict meaningful phrases, verses from Persian poetry, or simply ornamental designs inspired by Persian calligraphy.

If you’re interested in purchasing a camera strap with Persian calligraphy, you may need to search for specialty retailers or online marketplaces that offer custom or unique camera accessories. Keep in mind that availability and options may vary, so it’s best to explore various sources to find the specific design or style you desire.

Camera Strap, Persian Calligraphy Details:

  • Stylish camera strap inspired by Persian art
  • Suited for all SLR, DSLR, and Mirrorless cameras

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