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Oil Painting with Mixed Media Combination 60 x 80cm


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Oil painting with mixed media combination has great mysteries and in the minds of many people, the method of oil painting is more credible than other paintings.

Painting is one of the decorative accessories used by all homes and offices, These paintings, which also have many fans, are available in different types. Painting, which is in different types, is one of the different types of paintings.

Oil paintings are one of the most popular types of paintings, Now these paintings can be real pictures or paintings in the form of cartoon

  • The painting arrives rolled in a parchment-style tube. It is important to know that the rack does NOT come with the purchase.

History of the art of oil painting

The first examples of oil paintings are Buddha maps in the caves of Bamyan (central Afghanistan), which was painted around 650 AD.

But from around 1400 AD, we come across paintings independent of the wall
Which we call oil painting

About the pattern

The name of the design of this painting is Amir Kabir, which is the name of one of the greatest ministers of Iran in the Qajar period, Who has done a lot of services in building schools and universities and preventing corruption, And he is a very popular person among Iranians, And our dear artist has painted this beautiful picture of her

What’s the art of Mix media painting ?

Mix media is one of the attractive painting techniques , Popularly, mixed media or compositional painting is also known as decorative or modern painting, in this type of painting, the artist can use several different materials simultaneously to create a different work with forms, textures and mate

Complete product information

  • Dimensions: 60 x 80 cm
  • Color: Oil painting with mixed media combination
  • Material: Cloth canvas
  • Artist: Negar Sepehr Ayin
  • Pattern: Amir Kabir

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