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Persis Collection

Persian Rough Calcite: Nature’s Masterpiece

Whisperings from Persian Earth

Introducing the Persian Rough Calcite Crystal Stone—a mesmerizing ode to the deep-rooted Iranian craftsmanship and geological wonders. This Persian stone, weighing a substantial 258 grams and stretching an impressive 15 cm, is a piece of history, beauty, and art combined.

Persian Rough Calcite Crystal Stone Details:

  • Persian Gemstone
  • Stone Weight (without base): 258 g
  • The Length of the Stone: is 15 cm
  • Base Dimensions: Length 22 cm, Width 7.5 cm
  • The original stone of the Khorasan in Iran

Nature’s Organic Mimicry

Sourced from Sang Khorasan, a bastion of steadfast calcium mining, this Iranian stone mirrors the elegance of nature’s finest organic gems. Its uncanny resemblance to pearls and corals is not just a visual delight but also a testament to its authenticity and purity.

A Collector’s Dream

The Persian Rough Calcite Crystal Stone is not just another rock; it’s a tangible dream for enthusiasts and collectors. Its inherent softness makes it a precious gem in the world of collectibles, beckoning those with an eye for the unique and the beautiful.

Weight3 kg


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