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Silver Iran Turquoise Bracelet, 925 Silver

  • Metal Material: 925 Silver
  • Inspired by Persian art
  • Adjustable

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Silver Iran Turquoise Bracelet

Silver Iran Turquoise stone bracelet decorated with 925 Silver Iran map plate.

A Silver Iran Turquoise Bracelet is a bracelet made with silver metal and featuring Iran Turquoise gemstones. Iran has a long history of turquoise mining and production, and Iranian turquoise is highly regarded for its quality and unique characteristics.

Iranian turquoise, also known as Persian turquoise, is known for its intense blue color, often with matrix patterns of brown or black. The color and appearance of turquoise can vary depending on the specific mine and location within Iran. The stone is highly valued for its beauty and is often used in jewelry-making, including bracelets.

A Silver Iran Turquoise Bracelet would typically feature silver as the primary metal, often sterling silver (92.5% silver). The silver serves as the base of the bracelet and may be adorned with Iran Turquoise gemstones. The design and style of the bracelet can vary, ranging from simple settings that showcase the beauty of the gemstones to more elaborate designs incorporating other decorative elements.

When purchasing a Silver Iran Turquoise Bracelet, it’s essential to ensure that the turquoise used is genuine and of high quality. Due to its popularity, there are imitations and synthetic turquoise in the market. It’s advisable to buy from reputable jewelers or trusted sources that can provide authentication or certifications for the origin and authenticity of the gemstones.

Silver Iran Turquoise Bracelet Details:

  • Metal Material: 925 Silver
  • Inspired by Persian art
  • Adjustable

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