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Yalda Night Earrings

Handmade Yalda earrings inspired by Persian art. Beautifully made by hand using ceramic pomegranate, Brass, and resin.

The pomegranate symbolized the soul’s immortality and the perfection of nature for Zoroastrians. Then it became a port of Iranian mythology which tells that Esfandiyar became an invincible hero after he ate the pomegranate.

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Yalda Earrings are a type of jewelry that is inspired by the Iranian festival of Yalda, also known as Shab-e Yalda. Yalda is an ancient Persian winter solstice celebration, typically observed on the longest night of the year, which falls on or around December 21st. The festival is associated with joy, togetherness, and the arrival of longer days, symbolizing the triumph of light over darkness.

Yalda Earrings often incorporate design elements that reflect the festive spirit and symbolism of the Yalda celebration. They can feature vibrant colors, such as red, gold, or blue, which are associated with joy and prosperity. The earrings may incorporate traditional Persian motifs, such as floral patterns, intricate filigree work, or calligraphic designs.

The materials used in Yalda Earrings can vary, including metals like gold or silver, as well as gemstones, beads, or enamel. The choice of materials and designs can add a touch of elegance and cultural significance to the earrings.

Yalda Earrings can come in various styles, including studs, dangles, or hoops, providing options to suit different preferences. They can be worn as a festive accessory during the Yalda celebration or as a way to showcase Persian culture and traditions throughout the year.

Yalda Night Earrings Details: 

  • Material: Ceramic and Brass
  • Fixed Color
  • Pendant Size: Weight as pair: 4.8g
  • Size: about 50mm drop
  • Metal Color: Antique Gold
  • Style: Persian Pomegranate

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Weight0.2 kg
Dimensions10 × 5 × 2 cm

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