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Types of Persian men’s boots


Setting boots in style is a very smart choice, especially in winter style. Boots have many different types and add beauty and elegance to your style. Apart from the winter season, boots and ankle boots can be paired with some other styles, but this type of shoe is generally suitable for autumn and winter. If you are planning to buy a pair of Persian men’s boots, follow us in this article to learn about the characteristics of different types of boots.

In addition to the appearance, men’s boots can also have different designs on them. For example, patterns from traditional Iranian art are one of the types of designs that can be used on all kinds of clothes, including boots. Persian boots can be matched with other parts of your persian clothes and create a very stylish and beautiful style for you. You can also choose other parts of your clothes in addition to Persian men’s boots with designs of traditional Iranian culture and art to complete your style.

Knowing the types of Persian men’s boots will help you make a decision in choosing shoes more easily. Boots can be made of different materials and the inside of them can be too warm to wear in winter. It depends on you whether you want to match the boot only with your winter style or wear it in other seasons of the year as well. In the following, we will introduce the types of Persian men’s boots.

All kinds of men’s boots

A half-boot is a type of shoe that usually covers the feet and ankles. While the Persian men’s boot includes a wider collection, it covers the leg and usually below the knee. With the exception of special models for special purposes, most men’s boots are half-boots. But in general, in this article, we will use the word “boot” for them. Half-boots are the most adaptable types of boots for different styles in such a way that they can be matched with a wide range of styles from casual to semi-formal and sometimes even formal.

Work boot

One of the types of Persian men’s boots is work boots. A powerful boot, old and so attractive that it can be a part of your style on most cold days of the year. Work boot is the first and most widely used boot for men. Contrary to its name, this shoe is not exclusive to the workplace, but like other fashion items, it is one of the next generations and developed from its original type (which was a type of work shoe).

Men’s work boots can be best used in street styles and portray strength and masculinity in your appearance in the best way. Although brown is the most popular color of this boot, black can be more suitable for people who wear a lot of black, white or gray clothes.

A work boot is a semi-formal boot that goes great with jeans, and if you do it right, you’ll have an eye-catching combination with other pants as well. In any case, about this model of men’s boots, remember to avoid wearing it in formal situations.


Chelsea boots

The Chelsea boot can perhaps be introduced as the most adaptable and comfortable Persian men’s boots. This boot model can be used instead of work boots or desert boots, and if its color is black or dark brown, it can even be used in more situations.

Chelsea is a slim fit and simple leather men’s boot that is usually made with durable raw materials. This allows you to use it for years. Of course, today Chelsea boots are offered in a wide variety of materials and colors, which leaves you open to use them in different styles.

Chelsea boots are a simple and classic option that sets well with fabric, linen, or denim. These boots are so versatile that they are often seen paired with suits. So, if you work in a formal company and at the same time care about your fashion and style details, a Chelsea boot can be a good option for you.

Because the Chelsea boot has zippers or buckles instead of straps, it is extremely comfortable to wear, so that fans of this model of men’s boots consider this comfort to be equivalent to wearing a college shoe.

Desert or chukkas boot

Desert boots or chukkas are basically men’s leather half-boots, often made with nubuck or pseudo-suede leather. While this shoe has a semi-formal casual style, the black version is more formal than the bright colors. If you’ve chosen a desert boot as your first boot, we suggest starting with a dark brown. But if you are expanding your collection, choose brighter colors. If you live in a rainy area, make sure you choose waterproof nubuck.

This men’s boot is one of the proudest works of Clarks, whose design originates from an old market in Cairo. Nathan Clark saw the boot in a Cairo market, recreated its design and introduced the desert boot as we know it to the fashion world today. Due to its softness, flexibility and style that evokes being handmade, it is suitable for milder climates to create a sporty and comfortable style for you.

As we said, desert boots are light and ideal for mild spring and autumn days. Regardless of whether the boot material is shiny Persian leather or nubuck, the combination of desert boots and jeans is a time-honored combination that will be great for the mild autumn weather, especially if you are into leather jackets. Leather jackets and linen pants are also paired with this boot model. With light-colored desert boots and a navy coat, you can also add a semi-formal visage to your style in addition to warmth and freshness.

In general, desert boot is more formal than work boot, which makes it more suitable for office environments.


Wingtip boot

The title of the most official Persian men’s boots is given to the Wingtip boot. If you are a fan of wingtip shoes and use them to style your suit, don’t hesitate to buy this model of boots.

Carefully and with a professional styling, the lighter colors of this boot, which are a little off the formality, can be combined with jeans.

Captoe boot

If you’re new to the world of boots, this is a great starting point. A mid-height captoe is simple enough to pair with your fabric pants. On the other hand, with its tenacious appearance, it will make a stylish and beautiful combination with your most casual jeans.

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