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Panel with Iranian writing design


One of the most important elements in the beauty of the Persian decoration of any house is the photo frame and the signs that hang on the walls. These signs can have different designs and colors and can be placed on the wall in different dimensions. One of the types of these signs is the Persian sign which can be a Persian Housewarming Gift, which has designs and colors of the beautiful tradition and culture of Iran, and its combination with other parts of your home decoration can be wonderful.A beautiful Persian sign with the design of Persian words can be what you lack in your home decoration. In general, choosing such a sign as a part of home decoration can be a very smart choice. Because if you are interested in the culture, tradition, and old Persian art of Iran, these signs on the wall can show your interest and artistic taste.

Persian signs

The combination of Persian signs with other parts of decoration, such as sofas and Persian curtains can be very beautiful in a traditional way and give a beautiful Iranian and artistic feeling to the environment. No house with blank and white walls will be as beautiful as it should be. One of the most attractive ways to liven up empty walls is to choose a sign for your home. There are different types and styles of signs that should be chosen according to the style of home decoration and considering the space you intend to place it.

The power of signs and photo frames on increasing the beauty of home decoration is not hidden from anyone. Persian sign is one of the types of signs in decoration that can be found in many houses today. This sign is both beautiful and has unique designs to change the home decoration. In the following, we will introduce the types of Persian signs so that you can choose one of them based on your taste.

Panel with Iranian writing design

Signs in decoration

There are different types of Persian signs that you can choose from based on the type of home decoration, the dominant color of the space, and your taste and interests. Signs are one of the best ways to beautify home decoration, and based on the aforementioned features, you can consult with a decoration expert to choose the best type of Persian sign for the wall of your living room or bedroom. The color of your walls is also very important in choosing the type of sign. In the following, it will be explained to you how to choose Wall accessories like signs based on the color of the wall. These are tricks to beautify your home with the help of various signs and photo frames. Decoration with signs and photo frames will be very effective if done correctly.

Panel with Iranian writing design

Decoration with a panel on the wall in a light color

In houses with bright walls, you are faced with a pristine situation for using the sign. It is better to choose your sofas with dark marble colors and generally opposite to the color of the wall so that the space gets a little color. Then, you can coordinate the dominant color of the signal on the wall with the color of the sofas or curtains. The Persian table and Persian carpet can also match the color of the wall or coordinate with the sofas. However, Persian signa on a bright wall should have colors that harmonize with the environment.

Decoration with a panel on the wall in a dark color

Dark walls are much more attractive these days than before. The darkness of the wall creates the best background for the use of Persian signs with a white background. Your home and home accessories may be of the same color range. It is better to give life to your beautiful home again with some bright color signs.

In this space, it is better to choose sofas and curtains with bright colors. Based on the color of the floor, the color of the carpet can be almost dark. But the color of the signs you hang on the wall must be bright and with almost colored designs. These colors can match the color of the sofa and curtains.

Panel with Iranian writing design


Types of Persian sign

The designs and colors of Persian signs are many and varied, and as mentioned, these designs and colors must be compatible with other components of your home decoration. In the following, we will introduce the types of Persian signs so that you can choose the best design and color for the walls of your home.

Signs with geometric shapes

One of the most common styles of Persian signs that you are likely to encounter when choosing a sign for your home are signs with geometric designs and shapes. These signs are usually very simple and when combined with modern decoration, they add great charm to the space.

Panel with Iranian writing design

Wall Poem of Your Voice

Signs with abstract design

Another type of sign for modern decoration is signs with abstract designs. These signs usually do not have a specific shape and design and are a collection of different colors and textures together, which, despite not having a specific design, are amazingly beautiful. If you are planning to buy a modern decorative sign for your home, it is better not to neglect the abstract designs.

Multi-piece panels

The use of multi-piece panels has attracted many fans these days. Buying a multi-piece modern decorative panel for the home gives a different effect to the space and can make a huge change on one side of the wall of your living room or bedroom. Some types of these panels show one image in several frames, and others are a collection of several boards with harmonious concepts and writings together. Anyway, this style of Persian painting is very effective for modern decoration.


Paintings usually show real images of the world around us and since they are created by the hands of an artist, they have great material and spiritual value. This sign is very suitable for the classic decoration of the living room. Usually, the choice of painting for the home should be based on its design. Some types of paintings are very suitable for modern styles, and others are only in harmony with classic decoration.

Oil painting with a pattern of Akhlagh Naseri

Modern decorative signs

Buying modern decorative signs is one of the most enjoyable things you can do to make your home more beautiful. For more attractiveness, when buying a modern decorative sign, you can choose several similar and coordinated designs together and stick all the signs together on one side of the wall.

Lettered sign

These days, hanging a Persian sign with beautiful writings or sayings of elders is widely used in decoration. If you visit some traditional stores to buy signs for the living room, you will see a collection of these signs. If the style of your house is traditional and you like to look at the walls of the house every day and enjoy their beauty, it is better not to neglect to buy this style of panels.

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