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persian Leather bags and shoes

Iran has always been one of the top-producing countries in the world in the production of leather products such as Leather Bags and Persian women’s shoes.

The reason for this popularity has been the high quality of leather products.  In this article, far from any prejudice, we will compare the famous brands of Iranian leather shoes.  It is not far from the mind that brands that are more than 30 years old have more experience and popularity.  But we should not forget that there are emerging brands (3 years old) in this field, which have a lot to say and challenge other brands.

What does the quality of leather depend on?

The skin of most animals can be turned into Persian Leather through a process called tanning.  Leather can be obtained from several layers of skin.

If Persian Leather is obtained from the outermost layer of animal skin, in addition to being waterproof, it is softer.  So full-grain leather is the most expensive leather in the world.

The lower the layers used in the production of Persian Leather, the lower the quality and the less waterproof it is.

Also, the central part of the animal’s body has the highest quality leather, and other parts, such as the shoulder, are used for the tongue of the shoe, and the belt due to the many wrinkles.

In the following, we will review the brands, it should be noted that the numbers next to the brands are not related to ranking.  In the list below, you can see the best famous brands of Persian Leather bags and shoes.

Mashhad leather bag and shoes

Mashhad Leather Company was established in 1375 and produces bags, shoes, Persian Leather clothes, and so on.

The products of this company are made of cow, goat, and sheep leather.

The price of Mashhad leather products is not low.  Of course, the production of high-quality leather

But do not worry, if you are a fan of this brand and its stylish designs, be alert to buy more economically;  Mashhad Leather, during different seasons of the year and under different pretexts, holds festivals in which it offers its different products to customers with special sales.  Of course, with these discounts, you will not face a cheap price.

But if you have set aside relatively large budgets for the purchase of Persian Leather products, your purchase will be more economical at times when Mashhad Leather has a seasonal and appropriate auction.