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Persian Women's bracelet Header

Embrace the elegance and cultural heritage of Persia with our exquisite collection of Persian Women’s Bracelets. Each piece is a unique blend of tradition and modernity, crafted with precision and passion. Explore our range and discover the perfect bracelet to add to your jewelry collection.

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Persian Women’s Bracelets

Persian Turquoise Women’s Bracelets

Delight in the vibrant beauty of our Persian Turquoise Women’s Bracelets. Turquoise, a stone revered for its stunning color and historical significance, is set in intricate designs that highlight Persian craftsmanship. Each bracelet from our persian jewelry collection is a statement piece that adds a pop of color and elegance to any outfit.

Persian Personalized Women’s Bracelet

Make a statement with our Persian Personalized Women’s Bracelets. These custom-made pieces allow you to add a personal touch, whether it’s a name, date, or special message. These women’s jewelry is crafted with care, and these bracelets are perfect for gifts or personal keepsakes.

Iranian Custom-Made Women’s Bracelet

Experience the luxury of bespoke jewelry with our Iranian Custom-Made Women’s Bracelets. Tailored to your preferences, these bracelets combine traditional Persian designs with your unique style, resulting in a one-of-a-kind accessory.

Persian Gold Women’s Bracelets

Indulge in the luxury of our Persian Gold Women’s Bracelets. Each piece is crafted from high-quality gold, featuring intricate patterns and designs that are a testament to Persian artistry. These bracelets are perfect for adding a touch of opulence to your look.

Persian Calligraphy Bracelet for Women

Celebrate the art of Persian calligraphy with our Persian Calligraphy Bracelets for Women. These bracelets feature beautifully inscribed verses and words, capturing the essence of Persian literature and art in a wearable form.

Iranian Lion and Sun Bracelet

The Iranian Lion and Sun Bracelet is a powerful symbol of Persian heritage. Featuring the iconic lion and sun motif, this bracelet is a striking piece that embodies strength and nobility.

Diverse and Artistic Designs

Women’s Persian Bracelet Farvahar

Our Women’s Persian Bracelet Farvahar is an emblem of ancient Persian culture. Adorned with the Farvahar symbol, these bracelets are meaningful and stylish, perfect for those who appreciate historical significance.

Persian Balochi Needlework Bracelet

Our Persian Balochi Needlework Bracelets showcase the intricate art of Balochi needlework. These unique bracelets are handcrafted, reflecting the rich cultural traditions of the Balochi people.

Silver Persian Women’s Bracelets

Explore the understated elegance of our Silver Persian Women’s Bracelets. These silver pieces are crafted with high-quality silver, featuring delicate designs that are perfect for any occasion.

Gold Persian Women’s Bracelets

Add a touch of luxury to your jewelry collection with our Gold Persian Women’s Bracelets. These bracelets are designed with intricate patterns and high-quality gold, embodying the rich heritage of Persian craftsmanship.

Persian Jade and Pearl Bracelets

Experience the beauty of our Persian Jade and Pearl Bracelets. These pieces combine the serene green of jade with the lustrous elegance of pearls, creating bracelets that are both stunning and sophisticated.

Antique Persian Women’s Bracelets

Our Antique Persian Women’s Bracelets offer a glimpse into the past with their vintage designs and timeless beauty. These bracelets are perfect for those who appreciate history and tradition.

Heritage Persian Women’s Bracelet

Celebrate your heritage with our Heritage Persian Women’s Bracelets. These pieces feature traditional Persian motifs and designs, making them a meaningful addition to your jewelry collection.

Love Persian Women’s Bracelet

Express your affection with our Love Persian Women’s Bracelets. These pieces feature romantic designs and inscriptions, making them perfect for gifts or personal keepsakes.

Personalized and Precious Stone Bracelets

Personalized Bracelet

Make it uniquely yours with our Personalized Bracelets. These custom-made pieces allow you to add a personal touch, whether it’s a name, date, or special message, crafted with care and precision.

Precious Stone Bracelet

Our Precious Stone Bracelets feature an array of stunning gemstones, from turquoise to jade, each piece reflecting the natural beauty and elegance of these stones.

Silver Bracelet

Explore the timeless elegance of our Silver Bracelets. Crafted with high-quality silver, these pieces are versatile and perfect for any occasion.

Farsi Name Bracelet

Celebrate your identity with our Farsi Name Bracelets. These custom-made pieces feature your name beautifully inscribed in Farsi, adding a personal and cultural touch to your jewelry collection.

Persian Poetry Bracelet

Our Persian Poetry Bracelets capture the beauty of Persian literature. Each piece is inscribed with verses from classic Persian poets, making them a unique and thoughtful accessory.

Persian Women’s Bracelets FAQ:

  1. What are Persian Women’s Bracelets?
    Persian Women’s Bracelets are jewelry pieces that reflect the rich cultural heritage and artistry of Persia, often featuring traditional designs and motifs.
  2. Can I personalize a Persian bracelet?
    Yes, our Persian Personalized Women’s Bracelets allow you to add names, dates, or special messages, making them unique and meaningful.
  3. What makes Persian Turquoise Bracelets special?
    Persian Turquoise Bracelets are prized for their vibrant blue hues and historical significance, making them beautiful and culturally rich accessories.
  4. Do you offer custom-made Iranian bracelets?
    Yes, we offer Iranian Custom-Made Women’s Bracelets tailored to your preferences, combining traditional designs with your unique style.
  5. Are Persian Gold Bracelets valuable?
    Yes, Persian Gold Bracelets are crafted with high-quality gold and intricate designs, making them valuable and luxurious pieces.
  6. What is the significance of the Iranian Lion and Sun Bracelet?
    The Iranian Lion and Sun Bracelet symbolize strength and nobility, reflecting the rich heritage of Persian culture.
  7. Do you have Persian Calligraphy Bracelets for women?
    Yes, our Persian Calligraphy Bracelets feature beautifully inscribed verses, capturing the essence of Persian literature and art.
  8. Are there antique Persian women’s bracelets available?
    Yes, we offer Antique Persian Women’s Bracelets featuring vintage designs and intricate craftsmanship, perfect for history enthusiasts.
  9. What materials are used in Persian Jade and Pearl Bracelets?
    Our Persian Jade and Pearl Bracelets combine the serene green of jade with the lustrous elegance of pearls, creating stunning pieces.
  10. Why choose the Persis Collection for Persian jewelry?
    Persis Collection is the largest and most trusted online Persian shopping gallery, offering high-quality, authentic Persian jewelry with excellent customer service and guaranteed worldwide delivery.