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3D Goldfish Persian Pool حوض

  • Handmade  3D Goldfish Persian Pool, حوض
  • Celebrate this Nowruz in style.
  • Size:  D 15 cm H 8cm

Persian Pool حوض

A “Persian Pool” or “حوض” in Persian, is a traditional architectural feature found in Persian gardens and courtyards. These pools are typically rectangular in shape and are designed to reflect the surrounding landscape and architecture. They often feature intricate tilework and decorative elements such as fountains, statues, and mosaics.

Persian pools are usually used for irrigation and cooling but also as a decorative feature and a place to relax and spend time during hot summer months. They are often surrounded by gardens and courtyards and can be found in both private homes and public spaces.

Traditionally, Persian pools are fed by a system of underground qanats, which are underground channels that bring water from distant sources. They also often have a sloping edge, allowing easy access to the water, which is used for irrigation and gardening.

It’s worth noting that, depending on the location and culture, this architectural feature may have slight variations in design, materials and usage.

Weight1.2 kg
Dimensions20 × 20 × 20 cm


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