Haftsin Goldfish Pottery

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Haftsin Goldfish Pottery

The mirror is a symbol of honesty, radiance, purity and clarity in different cultures, including our Iranian culture and customs.

The mirror in Haft sin is one of the most important pillars of this ancient tablecloth because the reflection of the image of the tableware in the mirror is a symbol based on having a life and a pure heart full of peace.

In addition, the presence of mirrors and candlesticks on the Haftsin table is inseparable and can not be replaced with other items.

One of the important factors in using a mirror on the Haft seen tablecloth is the reflection of the light of candles, which is a symbol based on the radiance and polish of our soul in the new year.

Set inspired by Persian design, handmade.


  • small bowl:6 Number
  • large bowl: 1 number
  • candle holders: 2 number
  • mirror.1 number
  • Material: ceramic


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Dimensions30 × 30 × 30 cm