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Handmade mouse doll representing this new year animal sign.

  • Height: 12cm


An “Evil Eye Egg” is a decorative item that is made of ceramic and is designed to resemble an egg. It is also known as “Nazar Boncugu” in Turkish culture.

The “Evil Eye” is a traditional symbol that is believed to protect against negative energy and the jealousy of others. It is a common belief in many cultures, including Mediterranean and Middle Eastern countries. The symbol can be found in various forms such as amulet, necklace, bead or even a ceramic object.

A ceramic Evil Eye egg would likely be decorated with the traditional blue and white “evil eye” pattern, which is said to ward off negative energy. The egg shape is also a symbol of new beginnings and fertility, making it a fitting item to have in the home as a decorative piece or for display on a table or shelf.

It’s worth noting that, this product might not be exist or it might be exclusive to a certain region or culture.

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