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Rose and Calligraphy Scarf

  • Material: high-quality cotton
  • Style: Iranian classic
  • Printing technique: Digital

Only 1 left in stock

Scarf with rose design and calligraphy

Cotton scarf inspired by Persian art. This amazing scarf is made of high quality yarn and is made by our craftsman based in Tehran.

In digital printing, the color penetrates the fabric at high temperatures and the color is 100% fixed. It is designed from Iranian motifs and colors and combined with Iranian calligraphy. Hand washable.

Poems used in the scarf
The first poem by Hafez:

“رواق منظر چشم من آشیانه توست      کرم نما و فرود آ که خانه خانه توست “

And the second poem by Houshang Ebtehaj:

“درین سرای بی کسی کسی به در نمیزند       به دشت پر ملال ما پرنده پر نمیزند”

A “Rose & Calligraphy Scarf” likely refers to a scarf that features a combination of rose motifs and calligraphic elements. Let’s break it down:

  1. Rose: The rose is a widely recognized symbol of beauty, love, and elegance. It is a popular floral motif used in various art forms, including textiles. The scarf may incorporate depictions of roses in different colors, sizes, or arrangements, showcasing the delicate and captivating nature of the flower.
  2. Calligraphy: Calligraphy is the art of decorative handwriting or lettering. It is often associated with script-based writing systems, such as Arabic or Persian. Calligraphy adds an artistic and visually appealing touch to the scarf, as well as a connection to cultural traditions.

Rose & Calligraphy Scarf Details:

  • Material: high-quality cotton
  • Style: Iranian classic
  • Printing technique: Digital

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