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Year Animal Sign Candle

  • H: 10cm

Year Animal Sign Candle

The animal sign of the year 1401 is a tiger, Decorate your sofreh Haft sin with these beautiful handmade candles.

Choose from red, blue or yellow colors.

  • H: 10cm

Animal Sign Candle

The Chinese zodiac, also known as the “sheng xiao” or “birth animal sign,” is a 12-year cycle of animal signs that is used to represent the years in the Chinese calendar. Each year is represented by a different animal sign, and the cycle repeats every 12 years.

It’s worth noting that, the use of year animal sign candles is not a traditional practice in Chinese culture, however, it could be considered as a decorative element, it could be used in a New Age or spiritual practices as a tool for meditation and manifestation. In this context, lighting a candle corresponding to the animal sign of the current year could be a way to bring good luck and positive energy to the coming year.

The Chinese Zodiac animal signs are: rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog, and pig. Each animal is associated with certain characteristics and believed to influence the personality and fate of people born in the corresponding year.

As mentioned before, the Chinese zodiac is not limited to the Chinese culture, it’s also known and used in many other cultures that have been under the influence of Chinese culture such as Vietnam, Korea, and Japan.