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About Iranian Drinkware


We all use a diversity of utensils throughout the day to eat and drink a variety of foods and beverages. Each utensil or Persian glass of drink has a specific usage and is produced only for that purpose. We may drink a variety of beverages in one type of Drinkware and not know the use of glasses well. In this article, we try to acquaint you with the main use of different types of Persian drink glasses so that you know the use of each one and use them correctly and in its place. Today, Persian drink glasses are produced in various types and sizes, and you can easily prepare any type you need online or in person. The use of each Persian Drinkware is determined by the size, volume, height, and shape of the Drinkware, and it is better to use a special drink for each glass with the same glass. However, it is okay to drink several types of drinks in one type of Drinkware; But in this article, you will get acquainted with the correct use of each.

Also, in addition to cold drinks, which we use to drink from a variety of Persian drink glasses, which are often glass, there are several types of glasses for hot drinks, of which Persian cups and Persian mugs can be named. Hot drinks can also be drunk in some short  Drinkware cups. Mugs are usually made of Persian ceramic or Persian pottery and have a larger volume than cups. The volume of a mug is about 350 ml or more and the volume of the cup is between 60 and 90 ml, and the cups are usually similar to each other, but the mugs can be of any shape.

Types of Persian drink glasses

Types of Persian drink glasses are usually Drinkware and are for drinking water and fruit juices and generally serving all kinds of cold drinks. These glasses come in different sizes and shapes and are hand-held or handleless. Here are some examples of these types of glasses.

Champagne Drinkware

This type of Persian drink glass is a container with a long base and a narrow Persian bowl, the long base of which prevents the heat of the drink from being transferred to the hand. This type of Drinkware is mostly used for carbonated drinks such as champagne. The narrowness of this dish also allows more glasses to be placed on a Persian tray and can be rotated among the guests so that each person wants to pick up the drink from the tray.


Highball Drinkware

This type of Persian drink glass is a simple, tall cylindrical Drinkware that is mostly used for simple and clear drinks as well as carbonated drinks such as detox water or some cocktails. You can also serve a variety of juices in this type of Drinkware.


Among the Persian drink glasses, the goblet is one of the oldest cold drink glasses that have different types of ceramics, Persian stone, walnut wood, or glass. This utensil is mostly used for high-volume alcoholic beverages. This type of glass has been used in pubs for serving wine and other alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages in the past, but its main use is for red wine.

Cocktail or martini glass

This type of glass is glass that has a conical bowl and a long base. The base or stem of the Drinkware makes the heat of the drink less transferred to the hands. This type of glass can be used for drinks such as cocktails and alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages such as juice. The wide mouth of the glass allows the bartender to decorate it with a variety of fruits, etc.

Liquor Drinkware

Liquor Drinkware is a type of long filament Drinkware with a capacity of about 1 to 3 ounces. This utensil is suitable for liqueur drinks and heavy drinks. High-concentration alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages are more suitable for serving in this type of glass. Because of the low internal height of the glass, the way the drink reaches the mouth is shortened, and also due to the narrow bottom of the glass, the heat from the hand will be transferred to the drink as little as possible.



Hurricane glass

This type of Persian drink glass, which has a capacity of 20 ounces, is suitable for drinks mixed with ice. The bottom of the utensil is slightly wider than the top, which causes the ice to settle to the bottom of the Drinkware and the rest of the drink to the top so that the ice does not rise constantly when drinking.

Pilsner Glass

This type of glass is also a tall glass that usually has a slightly narrower lower body and is mostly used for drinks such as beer. The height of the glass allows more volume of the drink to fit inside, but due to the narrower body at the bottom, its volume is slightly less than the high glass.

Margarita Glass

This glass is also a filament glass with a long base and a stepped bowl, the design of which is very suitable for holding ice and it is often used to serve margarita drinks. The bowl part of this type of Drinkware is very small at first and then it is flattened at once, the smaller part of the bowl holds the ice well and the rest of the drink is placed at the top of the glass.

Punch bowl

This type of beverage utensils may not look like a glass and is more like a bowl with long edges. A high-capacity bowl is used to combine drinks with ice and then serve them in smaller glasses. A small ladle is usually placed in these utensils to pour the drink into glasses.

MINI SHAH ABBAS BOWL-Persis Collection


Rock Drinkware

This type of Persian drink glass is a glass cup with a short height and thick walls that can hold ice for a long time. This utensil is also called Old Persian Fashioned. This type of glass is suitable for low-volume beverages. Because it does not have much capacity, also due to the large thickness of the outer wall, less heat is transferred to it and the ice in it will melt later.

In addition to the above-mentioned beverage utensils, other types of glasses, such as mugs and cups and some types of glasses are used for hot drinks. You can pour large volumes of hot drinks into them, and despite the thicker wall, they can keep the drink warm for a while. Since hot drinks are usually drunk in larger volumes than cold ones, their special glasses also have a larger capacity.

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